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PostSubject: Clairvoyance's GM App. : D   Clairvoyance's GM App. : D I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 31, 2012 9:15 am

1. Name / Age / In-Game Character(s) / Time Zone / How Long Can You Play AnimeMS?
David M. 16 years of age. IGN - *not yet in the server, encountering issues but when inside* Clairvoyance. Time Zone: EST. I can play anywhere for 5-9 hours a day.

2. In An Attempt To Get To Know You Better, Please Describe Yourself In AT LEAST 4 Sentences. It Can Be About Anything.
I have a much higher maturity level then most people my age, so don't let my age speak for me. I can get really addicted to a server once I start playing it~
I'm very fun and outgoing. I follow rules, and enforce them quite nicely.

3. A. How Long Have You Been Playing MapleStory?
Since exactly 5/something/08

4. B. How Long Have You Been Playing AnimeMS?
Just about a day, been surfing the forums mostly.

5. What Separates You From Other Applicants?
I don't want to be GM simply for power, or authority. I want the position because I always liked helping people in game and catching hackers and what not, so
I thought being a GM would fit me.

6. Do You Have Any GM Experience? (Saying No Won't Count Against You)
No. :c

More detailed questions:

7. In A Situation When There Are 15 New Characters Coming Up To You And Constantly Talking And Whispering To You Requesting To Be GMs, What Would You Do? If You Have To Say No To Them, How Will You Say It?
Tell them its not within my power to declare a position to anyone, and recommend them to the Forums where they can apply. I'd simply say no, and leave at that. Further explaination shouldn't be needed. If they wanted to be GMs they should come prepared for denial.

8. You've Caught Someone Hacking. Definitely Hacking. What Do You Do?
Ban, inform other GMs, depending on the level of hacking will determine whether it'd be a perm ban, or just a weekly/monthly ban.

9. What Is The ONE Thing You Don't Like About Bad GMs? What Would You Do Differently?
They abuse their power, and just lounge around talking to each other. They also go around breaking Server rules since they believe it's their right
to do anything they please. I would take it seriously, though I won't be too uptight and strict, I'll do my job CORRECTLY.

10. What Do You Think A GM Is Or Should Represent?
A figure who can help players and aid the server in preventing hacking and glitching of any kind.

11. If You Were NOT Chosen As A GM, What Will You Do?
Just simply play the server~

12. Any Last Words? Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Piece.
Forever holding my peace. : D

13. Can you CODE or do any GFX design?
Yes, actually. I am rather fond of my wonderful photoshop though I am not educated on like, videos/intros I can do pictures with ease~
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PostSubject: Re: Clairvoyance's GM App. : D   Clairvoyance's GM App. : D I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 31, 2012 2:47 pm

You should add more color to make it appealing, and expand on your answers a bit.


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Clairvoyance's GM App. : D
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